Power Steering System

Born after 1951?
Then you probably never have driven a car without power steering
Being able to turn the wheel with one finger is take for granted today

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Power Steering Reservoir
The fluid is kept in this reservoir. It lubricates the metal on metal contact as needed for the wheels to turn left and right. Fluid flows into the pump and return from the shaft
Power Steering
Power Steering Pump
The pump pushes the fluid from the reservoir to the shaft. The pump is attached to the serpentine belt and should never be run dry.
Power Steering
Steering Shaft
The shaft takes the wheel motion and translates it to the driveshaft attached to the wheels. The driveshaft will move left and right which in turn moves the wheels.
Drive Shaft
Tie Rod
Tie Rod
Steering Shaft
Fluid Compression
Inside this chamber fluid will compress as the wheels turn left or right. The middle piece will be stationary with the driveshaft. This will compress the fluid and allow for a smooth turn.
Under The Hood
In The Cabin
Tied Rods
The tie rods are attached to the driveshaft and wheel assemblys. The wheel assemblys will move the tire as you turn the steering wheel.
Steering Wheel

Various Power Steering Pictures

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Tie Rod

Drive Shaft

Power steering fluid lines

Power Steering Pump

Power Steering Fluid Reservoir

Tie Rod