Preventative Maintenance

Avoid disasters by routine maintenance.
What can you do on a periodical basis to maintain your car.
Some maintenance on your car is easy and you do it without knowing it; such as tire inspection, interior cleaning, window cleaning, wiper blade replacement, oil change and the list goes on. You are thinking, but yeah what else could there be? 

Below I will be compiling preventative maintenance ideas/schedules of what you can do to keep your car lasting to 200k miles and up. I speak from experience where I have three cars: 208k miles (1999), 237k miles (1997), and 177k miles (1997). Maintaining cars can be a fun and rewarding experience... and cheap!

Look at it this way. When other people have payments of $200/mon. even up to $600/mon. for their car you can tell them, well I don't have a car payment. This is true but isnt completely true. Their arguement is... look at all of the money you sink into your car when it breaks down! I say you can't count the things that your brand new car also needs such as oil changes, tire replacements, fluid flushes, etc... Therefore not counting those routine things that all cars need, I may have put $3,000 into my car for repairs. I bought it for $2000 used in 2009. Thats $5000 for 7 years (2016). That equals a payment of $69/mon. Even if it was a payment of $100/mon (that is $7,200 over 7 years), I still come out on top.

So get to learning how YOU can save money by maintaining your car! 
5 to 30 minutes
30 minutes to 1 hour
1+ hours