Buying A Used/New Car
Find the negotiating points. See how damaged that part is.
Haggle the price on the fact that you will have to replace it.
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*All prices are typical for a 1999 Toyota 4runner. Be sure to know your make and model and compare the prices.


Part Name

Unit Price

Haggle Price

Do any of the ball joints have leaking rubber boots? You can haggle the price down each ball joint that needs replaced.

+/- $160



Ball Joint(s)
supports brake hub assembly


If it is a rust spot generally around 6inches in diameter it will cost under $500. A whole body panel replacement could cost $1000+. If they have already dropped the price because of rust, they are probably an honest person. I would buy their car.
+/- $500

Minor Patch $150 - $300



Body Panel Replacement
$200 - $2000

This may seem minor but could be easily missed by the seller. Depending how severe the tare or stain is, you can move the price closer to your buying point.

+/- $300

Leather Tares
$50 - $200


Interior Stains/Tares


Cloth Stains
$50 - $200

Check the tire tread on all four wheels. If the indicator strip is almost level with the treads than haggle to price. Give a fair assessment to how long you think the tire is going to last... 5000 miles or 500 miles...
+/- $400

New Wheels



If you take it for a test drive you can determine if the wheel shakes above 70 miles per hour. Ask the owner when was the last wheel alignment. You should get a wheel alignment everytime you get new tires.

+/- $80

Car Balance



Check for cracks in any visible belt parts. If there are little cracks it is almost time to change the belt.

If you have trouble shifting or you hear whirring/moaning sounds it could be the transmission.
+/- $1000

$50 - $200

Engine Noises


$1000 - $2000

Brake squealing is a good haggling point. If they squeal, ask how long its been since a break pad change. If its been 30,000+ miles then its time...

+/- $200

Brake Noises

Brake Pads
$100 - $200


Asking Price

What Did You Find?

Your Price



So what did you get? Can you get the price haggled down? 

Wheels, Ball Joints






Rust, Brakes, Stains

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