1997 Chevrolet Lumina

1997 BMW 328is

1999 Toyota 4Runner

2001 Dodge Dakota

Fuel Injectors
Back to Black on Mirrors
AC Not Working
Rust Spot
Clear Coat Spot
​Air Intake Manifold Leak
Idle Air Control Valve

Headliner Replace
Window Tint Bubbling
Remove Adhesive off Window
Passenger Door Handle Trim
AC Not Working
Clean Wheels
Oil Leak
Vacuum Leak
Exhaust Leak
Back to Black on Trim

Oil Leak
Differential Oil Change
Rust Spot on Rear Bumper
Front Bumper Paint Chipping
Driver Seat Lever Coming Off
Rear Door Window Lever
Wheel Hubcaps
Back to Black on Trim

MAF Clean
Back to Black on Trim
Throttle Body Clean
Dent Rust Repair
​Rust Repair on Bed
Mirror Replaced

1999 Honda Civic

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1987 Toyota 4Runner

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MAF Clean
Throttle Body Clean
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Find Coolant Leak
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