What is AutOdometer All About

AutOdometer is a brand I have created. It stems from repairing my own cars. I have three cars. The first car I owned is a 1997 Chevrolet Lumina. It has 177,000 miles at the current moment, 2016. I also inherited two other car when I got married, smart woman. The second car I own is a 1997 BMW 328is. It has 238,000 miles and is in excellent condition with a new transmission, 2016. The third car I own is a 1999 Toyota 4Runner 3rd edition. It has 208,000 miles and is also in excellent condition. I also have worked on different cars and will continue to work on any car that I can get my hands onto in order to expose myself to all types and models. Each model has a different engine and maybe one of these days I will run into a duplicate. The majority of the videos and photos on my website will be taken of either my Chevrolet, Toyota, and BMW to which I own. The other pictures I will give a link to whom credit is due if it has been requested.

My social media presence is prodominantly on Youtube but I wanted to create a website to supplement the Youtube channel, AutOdometer.

Please take a look around my youtube channel and my website for an engaging experience in car repair and maintenance!